Kel'iah Dek'ar

An optimistic intellectual in a warlike world.


Kel’iah Dek’ar always was an optimist.

Born in central Khorvaire in a very thriving, large family, Kel found himself lost in a crowd. Where this would normally lead to resentment and a feeling of being alone, Kel instead thrived on having a new person to talk to and a new person to learn from all the time.

In his younger years he would wander from house to house learning. His parents never knew when he would return, but so good was his nature, no one could bring themselves to take advantage of the poor little boy who would leave his coin purse laying around or help a stranger even if the stranger were armed and had the darkest look in his eye.

As he grew into a man, Kel was taken advantage of. Repeatedly, people stole from him, took advantage of his better nature, and tricked him into becoming involved in things that he never wanted to be involved in. Robberies. Cons. He was notably scarred on his face when he tried to go to the law when certain men took advantage of him, just one thing in a long line that scarred his charisma to others.

In time people learned to distrust him, and that led to them no longer giving him information, answering his questions. His home was sullied, and he had to move on, so he set off into the wild, promising never to be taken advantage of again. With his constant vigilance at being tricked came a commitment to the law, and order, and goodness, almost to a fault. So steadfast did he commit to the law, he can sometimes not see the forest for the trees, which gets him into trouble with men who see in shades of gray.

One thing Kel never lost, however, was the desire to learn, and better his society through communal study. He researches people and how they interact, and his goal in this is a better civilization. He studies ruins, and people, and is always curious as to how law is enforced in a given city. He is possessed of a fierce wanderlust, and believes if he stays in one place for too long, people will take advantage of him.

It is also of note that, as a result of his relentless questioning, his constant optimism, and his lack of attention to the more enjoyable parties and bar life, he is a bit stuffy, and can come off as a bookish, unlikable oaf, though he means well.

Kel'iah Dek'ar

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