Forgotten Things

Murder in Sharn! (yawn...)

During the fight with the Mourning Haunt, a storm has broken over the city, and the downpour makes visibility limited even by the light of everbright lanterns. Davian leads his comrades down the tower a couple of stories, to a lower courtyard where he witnessed a dark-cloaked figure assault the elderly Professor Bonal Geldem, an attendee of the Memorial service. The narrow skybridge connecting to Kelsa Spire is dark, lit only by flashes of lightning, which reveal Geldem’s recently slain body lying in a pool of blood and rainwater. The team can’t help but notice that the everbright lanterns that should be lighting the way have all been destroyed, smashed. The scene is obviously an ambush for the unassuming Professor.

A quick inspection of the body reveals few clues beyond the man’s identification papers, some fine writing materials, and a small, blank journal, which is quickly stashed on Veneficus’ person as cries from surrounding windows call for the Watch. Davian and Plunkett are certain they notice something skulking in the shadows, but closer inspection garners nothing. Whatever it was, a cat or rodent, pigeon or spiretop drake, is gone.

The Watch, however, is rapidly closing in from a couple of directions, their shrill whistles announcing their approach somewhat sooner than the sound of their hobnail boots. A sizable skycoach has landed at the upper courtyard, supposedly carrying a large contingent of the Watch to investigate the attack on the Memorial Service. As our heroes hastily make their way back to the site of the service, calling for the attention of Lord Major ir’Gadden, three Watchmen come into view, their dwarf leader leveling his crossbow and demanding the squad surrender their weapons and explain themselves.



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