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It’s still early in the morning, yet a lot has happened in the just the few hours since we’ve been awake.

My heart aches. I mean this literally. It was very nearly pierced by an arrow barely over an hour ago. As much as I would love to say that this was a result of me risking my life to save that of one of my good friends, or the life of some young, supple, nubile young woman, I cannot. Instead, while locked in mortal combat atop a moving Soarsled thousands of feet above the ground with one of Arik Blacktree’s goblin archers, I suddenly found myself skewed by a massive arrow fired by none other than my good friend Kel. You see, Kel was also on a Soarsled when he fell off. Whether he needed company on his journey to lower levels of Sharn or he just wanted to give me a little parting gift in the event he died, I do not know. What I do know is that one moment I am getting the upper hand on my enemy and the next I am near death and rapidly falling towards the seedy depths of Sharn’s surface.

Ollandra, is an interesting mistress, though. For in one moment an ally is unlucky enough to be struck by an errant arrow and the next, she guilds them to feather fall enchanted bridge and to safety. Of course, I am speaking of Kel. After plucking me from the battle at two-hundred feed, the landed gently on a bridge – no worse for wear. In his defense, he did seem to have an apologetic look on his face but it was hard to tell at the speed with which I plummeted past him. I made sure to send a couple daggers his way in the event he lost his arrows during his fall and there were other allies yet to strike.

Fear, not, though, for Ollandra smiled on my as well and I too landed safely on a bridge some five hundred feet below the battle and while badly injured, I was able to bandage my wounds.

I should probably back up, and tell you all that has transpired.

After leaving the townhouse, a gargoyle courier from House Orien delivered a message informing us that the Lord Major would like to meet with us the following morning at 9th bell. We returned to the inn and while I prepared a delightful meal of braised Drake shank in a fig and red wine reduction, another messenger approached the group. This one, however, was from House Canith and he informed us that a member of the house would like to meet with us at the Broken Anvil at dawn. Coincidentally, we had just been talking about how we needed talk with someone from House Canith about the journal we recovered from Bonal Gelden. It would appear Ollandra’s kiss had found us this day…. perhaps Swaggart is not as crazy as I think…..what am I saying. Yes he is. We retired for the evening to ensure we were well rested for the day to come.

We awoke early, had our morning meal and freshly brewed Xen’Drik Dark Roast coffee before hailing a Skycab and making our way to the Broken Anvil. We were only minutes into our journey when Arik Blacktree and his goons set upon us on Soarsleds. It was during this battle, where I bravely and deftly lept from our Skycab onto the enemies Soarsled, that I was injured by my leafy headed friend, Kel, and taken out of the battle. To be fair to him, though, he quickly took Arik out of the battle with a single, well placed shot with his bow that sent Arik falling to his death…. wait…. perhaps not. We never found his body and if both Kel and I fell and survived, surely the same happened to Arik! This is troubling indeed.
At any rate, we won the day and continued on to our meeting.

At the broken anvil we met with a beautiful woman from House Canith. She conveyed to us that Bonal Gelden has been working for House Canith to uncover the location of an ancient and powerful forge. The ‘journal’ that we took from him contained the location of the journal. Opening the journal, her Canith signet ring began to glow and text formed on the once blank pages. He had indeed found the location of the forge and was most likely killed by The Lord of Blades, who is also looking for this artifact. We were asked to locate this artifact for the hefty sum of 1,300 gold pieces and we readily agreed.

It is now just after the 8th bell and I write all of this while my friends and I are on our way to meet with the Lord Major up in the Platinum District. More to come later.

Entry 6

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