Entry 5

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It’s getting on in the evening and I find myself soaring through this great city on a skycab as I make my way back to the Inn. After the battle at the Townhouse, I parted company with my friends and set out into the city to procure some ingredients for a recipe I intend to make back at the Inn. Cooking has a way of clearing my head and right now, I need it.

Learning that Arik was behind the Mournhaunt attack is disconcerting. Was the attack leveled at us, or the Lord Major? Why attack after all this time? Most importantly, though, what was his intent with that machine? It seems very clear to me that the machine was designed explode with a tremendous force that would most likely have brought down the entire tower. A machine with that much power would not be easy or cheap to create so it’s end use would have to be of great significance. Which brings me to what lies atop the tower he was to bring down – Morgrave University.

The very university professor Gelden worked for. What did Bonal Gelden know about this? Did he work with Arik in the creation of this device? Perhaps he was set to blow the whistle on Arik and that is why he was killed?

I don’t like this one bit. Something big is going on and we’re stuck in the middle of it.

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Entry 5

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