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Well it’s been another long day and I have good news and bad news. The good news is that we found the source of the Mournhorror that attacked the party. The bad news – the townhome was also the source of a terrible magical device that very nearly leveled much of the lower towers district. Oh, and we were nearly killed disabling the device. I guess I shall start from the beginning of the day…

After awaking to find the barmaid of the Sedulous Student not even remotely as attractive as she was the previous night when I was 5 bottles deep, I washed up and headed downstairs to find my friends well into their morning meal. I sat down to join them and found the eggs to be over cooked but well seasoned and the pork sausage to a little bland. I shall have to have a word with the chef when we get back this evening. Perhaps he will let me prepare a meal for the group in the kitchen. Something to think on.

After our meal, we headed out on our investigation and spent most of the day tracking down leads. Eventually, we found ourselves at some lower ward townhomes in an area where most of the residents are students of the University. Pinpointing the exact townhome, however, was not difficult for it was the one that literally vibrated with some soft of arcane energy. Pint bypassed the locks on the main door and I snuck in to find goblins milling about the main room. I snuck in and dispatched one of the sentries with my garrote and began to approach the next sentry when the previously unseen guard drakes noticed Pint and attacked. The battle was on! Not being one for toe to toe confrontation, I snuck about and dispatched several of the enemies as they focused on my more hardy companions – Swaggart and Plunkett. Soon the battle was over and he made haste up the stairs to find more enemies and a contraption of sorts that was the source of the arcane power. I attempted to sneak up on the closest beast but was unable to and quickly found myself toe to toe with the foul, tentacled humanoid. My companions joined the foray and as we battled, Ven warded us all that the machine was building to some sort of powerful eruption that would level much of the lower ward. Working quickly, we killed the tentacle beasts and got the other two scoundrels to surrender. While I questioned them, Pint and Ven worked to disable the machines before they could kill us all.
We learned that someone had hired these men to look after the machine on the promise that they would be paid when the machine had completed it’s cycle. Unfortunately, that would culminate in their death and the death of many, many more. I gave the men the gold they were promised and told them that their eyes and ears on the streets would be useful. The thanked me and said they would be willing to help in any way they could.

With the machine disabled, we search the townhome and made our way back to the Inn with all of our evidence in tow. I’m looking forward to a night of relaxation to rest these weary bones. I’ve got some drake wings and legs in my pack…. Perhaps I could braise them with figs and red wine….

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