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Fuck! What an ogre shank that was!

It’s late in the evening of the ceremony and I’m still reeling for the night’s events, however, at least I am doing so in the comfort of a very, very nice inn at the expense of the Lord Major. It’s the least he can do for what happened at the ceremony and for the hell I’m going to have to pay for blowing the job!

The evening started out pleasantly enough. All of the old squad mates where at the party. Plunkett, that cantankerous Dwarf was there dressed in his dingiest armor and smelling like sour ale as always. Kel and Swaggart were also there; Kel being his reserved self while Swaggart…..well was the opposite, of course. It took me a while to spot him but my scouting pal Pint was also there, along with the war mage Ven.

Ta’shandra had just made contact with the professor and I was settling into my surveillance routine when the door on the first level of the balcony burst open and a horrid beast made of pure Mourning began attacking the party goers. Quickly, we all sprung into action and began attacking the beast with what ever we had on hand. The party guests fled in all directions and out of the corner of my eye, I spotted the professor take the stairs down to a bridge that connected the two towers. The battle was hard fought and brutal but we proved that after four years we were still battle hardened warriors. As the beast fell, it dissipated into thick mist the briefly formed the shape of a dragon mark – the same dragon mark we saw on the floor if the ruined tower four years go tonight. Not liking this turn of events, I hurried off the find the professor.

As I rounded the corner to the bridge, I was horrified to watch a shadow slip up next to the professor, cut him down, then disappear over the edge of the bridge into the cold night air. Rushing to the professor’s side I found I was too late; a precise wound, likely from an axe, had killed him. I quickly and discretely searched his pockets as the other members of my squad approached. I took the professor’s journal and tossed it to Ven : “Here, hide this before the watch comes” I said. No sooner had those words passed by my lips than the air began to fill with a chorus of whistles and the stampeding feet of the Watch.

While the group was questioned by the watch, Kel and I investigated the area surrounding the party and discovered that someone or several someone’s had been staking out the party, watching for an opportunity to strike at the professor. He was clearly set up to be assassinated, but why? And how would the assassin’s know that the beast would attack the part, unless they sent it?

After thanking us for saving the party guests and dispatching the beast, the Lord Major requested that we accept his offer to work for him as investigators with regard to this matter. He would provide us with the necessary paperwork and funding if we would investigate who sent this beast and why. We gladly accepted the offer and after a little smooth talking, we find ourselves here, at the Sedulous Student Inn, our base of operations while we conduct the investigation.

Sitting around a table of fine food and even finer spirits, we discuss what to do next. The professor’s journal appears to be blank. The pages are a special material on which no liquid will adhere, so that is a dead end until we enlist some help in decoding how to make the text appear. So, we decide to follow the trail left by the beast and find out who created and sent the monster….well, we decide to do that in the morning, that is, after we eat and drink.

At this late hour, I am troubled by the many questions that run through my head.
Was I set up for this job, knowing the professor would be killed?
How could the assassin’s know the Mournhorror would attack the party?
Why kill the professor?
What is the meaning of the Dragonmark left by the beast? Could Arik have something to do with the events of this night?

My head swims with questions and mead. Time to call it a night.

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