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It’s been four years since that night in the ruined Tower of Scars where my squad and I rescued Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden and his squire Arik Blacktree
Four years since the sky was rendered open and death flowed fourth in the form of the Morning
Four years of nightmares and the words “Six at the brink of the Desolation stand as one against the Tempest’s roar” running through my head
Four years of running from the past, until, four years later to the day, that night caught up to me in the form of an invitation.

The invitation was to a attend a ceremony of remembrance, up in the towers district, as a special guest of Bren ir’Gadden. Apparently, the former Lord Major was hosting a lavish affair to remember the events of that night four long years ago and I was to be one of his guests. While I have fought to forget that night and the ensuing nightmares, the chance to rub elbows with the Corvir’s high society was something I am not about to pass up. Besides, I’ve got bills to pay and maybe I can find someone to finance my restaurant.

Not so coincidently, it would appear, I was contacted by my employer with a job – to keep an eye on one of the guests at the ceremony. Someone paid some good money to have me keep tabs on a professor who was also going to be attending the event. Hmm… serendipitous to say the least and I don’t like it. I’m going to have to do some digging.

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Entry 1

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