Lord Major Bren ir'Gadden

Noble-born half-elf, retired Major of the Brelish army


The party rescued the Major and his then-aide, Aric Blacktree, from the clutches of dolgrims at the Tower of Scars four years ago. He invited them all to Sharn to attend his Ceremony of Remembrance, then hired them to track down the party responsible for unleashing the Mournhaunt.

Lord ir’Gadden has been most generous to his personal team of Inquisitives, putting them up in a rather fine inn (the Sedulous Student, a House Ghallanda inn located in the Seventh Tower district of upper Menthis. He also obtained House Sivis-notarized ID papers, provided each with a Feather Talisman, and has paid for various sundries such as finer street clothes, all in the interest of the party fulfilling their mission for him.

Lord Major Bren ir'Gadden

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