Davian Ashe

Davian is a well dressed, charismatic human of average height and average looks. He has a passion for cooking and is always looking for the next great recipe or exotic herb mixture.


Davian is a former soldier who’s goal is to open one of the most successful restaurants in all of Breeland. He so he can gather enough gold to start and run his own restaurant someday.


Davian Ashe served in The Last War as a part of the 5th Recon Division of Breland’s Army. He and his group were tasked with infiltration and reconnaissance or enemy positions and troop movements. He was often alone and deep behind enemy lines, which is where he learned to identify and prepare a host of naturally growing foods. He proved himself as a master at avoiding detection and in the eliminating hostiles. While he was good at his work, it weighed heavily on him and when the war ended he wanted nothing more than to leave his service behind and pursue a new life.

While figuring out what direction to take his post-war life, Davian found that his ability to prepare simple ingredients into delicious meals was something he enjoyed. Over the next 4 years he worked in various kitchens across Breland honing his skills.

He now finds himself in Sharn, unemployed but hoping to earn enough money to open his own restaurant in the capitol city. Unfortunately, the opportunities are few in the city and he has resorted to adventuring as a means to earn enough coin to open up his own place.

Davian Ashe

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