Aric Blacktree


Aric Blacktree, scion of a wealthy merchant family of Sharn, is apparently the mastermind behind the summoning of the Mournhaunt that attacked Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden’s Ceremony of Remembrance, and constructed an elaborate (and no doubt, expensive) eldritch doomsday machine, designed to catastrophically explode, bringing down Dalannan Tower, and with it much of the rest of Menthis Plateau, including Morgrave University, and killing thousands.

Blacktree was rescued by the team from the clutches of dolgrims at the Tower of Scars four years prior, along with the Lord Major. He had been chained to the wall in the aura of a mysterious sigil, similar to a dragonmark, previously hidden under the Tower’s flagstones. The dolgrims seemed interested in what, if any, effects this would have on Aric, constantly checking his body for some change.

After the team destroyed his machine, Blacktree and some of his hired gang, using soarsleds, attacked the team as they were en-route via skycoach to meet with Lady Elaydren d’Cannith. He was knocked from his ’sled early in the battle, but evidence of his demise has not been produced.

Aric Blacktree

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