Forgotten Things

Is it 6 am already?

21 Olarune, 22nd Bell
Having destroyed Blacktree’s doomsday device, the squad is startled by a hissing gargoyle, who turns out to be nothing more than a House Sivis messenger, with a request from the Lord Major to meet him at the Gray Dragon Inn, Platinum district, at 9th Bell the next morning to report the status of their investigation. No sooner had they arrived at the Sedulous Student than they were confronted by a cloaked man bearing a House Cannith signet ring. His message was simple and to the point: “If you would know the truth of Bonal Geldem’s murder, go to the Broken Anvil tavern at dawn.”

22 Olarune, 6th Bell, an hour pre-dawn
Our heroes awoke early in order to make their dawn appointment with the unknown House Cannith representative. The Broken Anvil tavern is located in Lower Dura, and can be a 30 minute ride by skycoach from their accommodations at the Sedulous Student. Not ten minutes into the trip, however, their commute was interrupted by a swarm of goblins on soarsleds, led by none other than Aric Blacktree himself! Blacktree’s fury was borne clearly on his face, as was the obvious shape of a dragonmark, crawling up the left side of his neck and face from beneath his collar. A ‘mark he did not have when the squad had rescued him four years ago. A large ‘mark, indeed, and that could only mean trouble.

The aerial battle, many hundreds of feet above the ground levels of the city, harried by goblin archers on the nimble, swift, glowing discs of magic, seemed to be going well for our friends, with Kel knocking Blacktree off his soarsled early in the fight. Davian and Kel even dared to attempt to board two ‘sleds, grappling with the red-haired goblins for control, until Kel was knocked from his perch. Falling dozens of feet, he took one last, desperate shot at the goblin Davian was fighting with… and missed his target, piercing instead his own companion! Davian fell through the air, confident that if he didn’t bleed out before he could activate the feather token given him by ir’Gadden, he would most likely be caught by one of the feather-fall traps permanently cast on the middle- and upper bridges of the city. Davian knew that Kel’s melee armament was woefully inadequate should any goblins attack the elf, so as he plummeted past the bridge whose trap had caught Kel, he helpfully threw a brace of knives, albeit with abyssal aim, at… er, to his friend.

Fortunately, everyone survived the battle, only a little worse for wear, but with a healthy new respect for the unique magic and related dangers of the city. Time did not allow for a search for Aric Blacktree’s body, and it’s assumed he survived his fall, just as had Kel and Dav. They carried on to their meeting with the House Cannith representative.

Who turned out to be the beautiful Lady Elaydren d’Vown, flanked by the man who acted as her messenger. She claimed Geldem was working for her to recover a family heirloom, locked away for centuries in a lost foundry that dates back to pre-Galifar Sharn. Geldem had uncovered the ancient Cannith journal the squad found on his body (Dav at first lied about having it, setting an antagonistic tone for the entire meeting), but only the magic of the Cannith blood, and an appropriate symbol of the House, would reveal what was written inside. Using her ring, Lady Elaydren was able to read the journal, which placed the lost foundry deep beneath Dorasharn Tower, fifty-seven levels below the tower’s present sewer system. She offered the team 1000 gold galifars to enter the foundry and recover the heirloom, an adamantine plate in the shape of a seven-pointed star about the size of one’s hand. Davian bargains with her, but she draws the line at 1300 galifars, suggesting that there are other groups who would be willing to do the job for less. She also intimated that the assassin who killed Geldem for the journal was probably hunting them as well, most likely an agent of the Lord of Blades, the mysterious leader of a warforged cult based within the Mournland.

In parting, Lady d’Vown mentions that Geldem had recommended any expedition bring plenty of resources of fire, but she is unsure of what he meant specifically. She also provides them with a map of the sewers below Dorasharn tower (hastily copied from the journal by her bodyguard), where somewhere beyond the E-213 valve cluster they will find a sealed door with the same archaic symbol as on the journal. An advance of 300 galifars seals the bargain, and she returns the journal to them stating, “you will need this, I’m sure”.

Taking their leave of Lady Elaydren d’Vown of House Cannith, our team leaves the Broken Anvil and Lower Dura in their waiting skycoach, climbing between the soaring towers of Sharn upwards to the heights of the Platinum District, and their meeting with Lord Major (Ret.) Bren ir’Gadden, at the prestigious Gray Dragon Inn.



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