Forgotten Things

After the Battle, Part 2

The squad-mates lower their weapons, and Davian Ashe steps forward to explain things to the dwarf sergeant. Several clues as to the identity of Professor Geldem’s murderer are discovered, which serve to convince the Watch leader as to the good intentions of our heroes. He has his two Watchmen cohorts begin to question the locals, as he leads the team back to the site of the ceremony, where the Lord Major is being questioned by a Watch lieutenant. The Lord Major’s obvious agitation at events shortly convinces the team of his innocence in masterminding these events. In short order, Davian and Kel have gone off scouting several sites nearby that might have made good observation posts for the assassin, finding more clues; indeed, it seems the killer may be a warforged, perhaps a scout model from the looks of things.

After the Watch lieutenant finishes her questioning of the lord Major and the few remaining guests, the Watch departs except for a few who disperse to question more locals for eyewitness reports. Lord ir’Gadden then confides his thanks to the team for their swift action, and hires them as his personal Inquisitives to look into the matter further. He tells our heroes that they will be staying at the Sedulous Student Inn, telling them to spare no expense in tracking down the perpetrator and bringing him or her to justice.

The once-scattered companions, now united by circumstance or fate, collect their belongings and meet at the posh-looking inn, a relatively small establishment that caters to well-to-do scholars visiting the University, located in the Seventh Tower district. The plump Halfling proprietress promptly provides for their needs, even going so far as to secure clothing more, ahem, appropriate to the neighborhood for those who wish it. All paid for by the good Lord ir’Gadden, of course! The team settles in for the night, after the finest meal and bardic entertainment any of them have had in many a long year.

21 Olarune 998YK – Evening, 19th Bell

After a wonderful breakfast, the companions head out to conduct their investigation of the events of the evening before. Inquisitive papers in hand, certified by the House Sivis enclave in Dragon Towers, Middle Central Plateau, they begin hours of arduous questioning of locals, searching for clues, bribery and intimidation of the locals, leading them eventually to the lowest tier of Menthis Plateau, where the bases of the towers high above are hundreds of feet in diameter, and the townhomes jut out from the tower walls like teeth on a cog. Veneficus pinpoints the specific home they are looking for, as the stench of dark magic is overwhelming, nearly a palpable force that even the mundane amongst the team can feel on a subsonic level.

Butted against the tower base as it is, there is only one way in they can see. A mere distraction for the many pedestrians, and a struggle with the the lock gets them into the front door…



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