Forgotten Things

20 Olarune, 998YK - Evening, 18th Bell

Not exactly certain why they chose to attend after all, our heroes find the Ceremony of Remembrance to be rather tedious, with a bit of a funerary atmosphere. It doesn’t help that there is obviously a storm brewing, and the heavy clouds are threatening to release on this chilly late winter night. After a brief greeting and thanks for coming, Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden yields the podium to someone the group doesn’t recognize, who proceeds to drone on about the horrors of war and the sacrifices made by all, especially on that Day four years ago. The group splits up, after briefly remaking each other’s acquaintance, to mingle with the crowd of displaced Cyran nobles and officers. At least the event is catered, with plenty of good food and drink.

Not 20 minutes into the event, however, the door to the small courtyard bursts open to an unearthly howl, and a large monstrous figure, obscured by heavy gray mist coming from its body, attacks! The team leaps to action, quickly bottling the horror in the doorway where it can’t attack the attendees. They notice the mist coming off its form smells like the mists of the Mournland, of death and despair. As the guests scream in terror and flee in panic (“the Mourning! The Mourning has come to Sharn!”), Lord Major ir’Gadden tries to manage the unarmed and defenseless guests, attempting to herd them towards the main stairwell exiting the courtyard.

The fight is long, for the beast is tenacious and tough. Fortunately, it seems to be focused primarily on our group of ex-soldiers, ignoring for the most part the civilians. As the killing blow lands and it falls to the stones, however its body evaporates into more sickly dead-gray mist, which briefly forms into the very image of the Mark seen in the Tower of Scars four years ago. Memories come unbidden to our friends, of their dreams and those echoing words, as the glowing blue symbol dissipates.

A short scan of the mystical remnants left by the monster reveals to Veneficus that this creature was a Mourning Haunt, a demon related in some unknown manner to the Mournland. He deduces that as such, it must have been summoned by someone in the city, as there is not enough residual arcane energy in the immediate area for the ritual to have been performed nearby. But who could have summoned it, and more importantly, why?



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