Forgotten Things

20 Olarune, 994YK, Early afternoon

Davian and Plunkett decide to make a quick survey of the terrain round the tower, and are surprised to see a squad of zombies shambling towards the tower! Strange orange lightning flashes across the sky, followed by a rumble of thunder that shakes the ground beneath their feet. A gust of wind, unseasonably warm, shakes the dry branches of the trees, and Davian spots two men wearing the colors and insignia of the Order of the Emerald Claw in the background, and a third figure, a gaunt woman dressed in green and black scowling at him from under a tree and gesturing towards the tower. With a quick lunge at the nearest walking corpse, he rushed back inside, shouting “We’ve got company!” Plunkett took the chance to block one of the openings in the walls while his squad-mates prepared themselves. Kel bounced off the walls to reach the top of the central wall, affording himself a high vantage from which to unleash a devastating volley from his greatbow. Pint scrambled up onto the east wall, and was able to both attack and remain unseen by the enemies below. Swaggart had his hands full trying to restrain the exhausted Lord Major from entering the fray. The eastern sky seemed to catch fire – clouds, fog, and the air itself ignited in a terrible conflagration – and the battle was joined.
The Emerald Claw agents had badly underestimated their foes. They must have figured these soldiers were mere conscripts. The zombies encroaching on the breach in the west wall were devastated in mere seconds, freeing that way for the allies to exit the tower and flank the enemy from outside, while Plunkett and Davian kept the remainder of the undead bottle-necked in the southern entrance. All the while a huge bank of gray mist, lit from within by a raging fire, swept down the Saerun Road from the east, engulfing the battlefield below. Meanwhile, Kel rained arrows from above on the leader, though she barely had time to bolster her minions. With their rotting reinforcements dropping around them, the two Claw sergeants at first pressed the attack, but as soon as the first fell, the other tried to flee. He did not succeed in that, either. Whatever the Emerald Claw wanted here, they failed to get it. The sky was illuminated in lurid orange and red, casting strange shadows across rolling banks of gray fog, while great tendrils of fiery lightning reached across it.
Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden again expressed his thanks, even though his noble-born pride was again reasserting itself. Wary of another attack, he demanded that the squad escort him and his aide to friendly lines. But as he raised the issue, the five notice something ominous. They can no longer see the fighting on the road below – it is hidden in the gray fog. Occasional flashes of fire are all they can see in the mist that hides the battleground, and the echoes of distant screams reach their ears, briefly.
But then…
Deathly silence falls over the hillside and the ruined tower. You still can’t see the battlefield below, and no more cries reach your ears. That dead-gray mist hangs in the air like a wall around Cyre – too still, too quiet. Something terrible has happened.



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